A single way for all your emails

Configure DNS on your domain, add rules for incoming emails, done.

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A single way for all your emails

Mailwayyour emailBobalice@bob@*@

Incoming Email Routing

Mailway will accept any emails sent to your domain and let you decide what to do.

Incoming emails will be matched against rules you configured.
A rule allows you to forward the email to your personal email address or multiple addresses, or by default simply ignore it.

example.com email routing table

Forwarded emails are not changed by Mailway which allows your email client to apply labels and other filters (like spam filtering).

More information: docs.mailway.app/incoming-email-routing.


Catch-all allows to receive all mail sent to your domain, even if the email doesn't match any of your rules.

example.com catch-all

To fully utilize the routing and blocking capability of Mailway, or your local email client, we recommend that you create dedicated email addresses for every website. Emails from a bad website could then be easily blocked.


If you need to programmatically process emails, you can define a rule that will POST the email to your endpoint.

More information: docs.mailway.app/webhooks.

example.com webhook rule

Send emails from your domain

And more features

Diposable Email Address

Generate temporary email addresses using your own domain.
Emails received after a few hours will be refused to reduce spam from bad websites.
More information: docs.mailway.app/docs/browser-extension.

Email Logs

You didn't receive an email? See its state on the dashboard's logs page.

Email to Slack

Receive emails and have them show up in a Slack channel.
More information: docs.mailway.app/guides/forward-emails-to-slack-channel.

Working ISP or Cloud provider blocking SMTP ports

If your ISP or Cloud provider blocks receiving emails on the standards SMTP ports,
Mailway allows emails to be forwarded to your server on any ports.
More information: docs.mailway.app/guides/port-25-block-workaround.

Forward to multiple addresses

You can forward to any number of email address you want, from the same email.

Pricing plans

No credit card required.

Free Beta

  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited domains
  • Up to 100 rules/domain
  • Domain catch-all
  • Simple routing


  • Domain catch-all
  • Advanced routing
  • Mailing list
  • Password leak detection
  • Store emails (encrypted)
  • Webhooks
  • External integrations
  • Aggregate/batch emails
  • Rewrite subject or content
Coming soon


Do we look into your emails?

Your email is none of our business and we won't store them unless you provide your encryption key.

What if the service is down?

The service has been designed to avoid downtime as much as possible and to ensure good email delivery.
Please read Email service reliability for more details.

Can you self host an instance?

Yes! Follow the Self-Host documentation

Is the code open-source?

Yes! See our GitHub Mailway organization.
Find more information about the components.

Contact us

Please reach out to ehlo@mailway.app for any questions.